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Utility Sales Tax Consultants

USTC specializes in helping businesses identify and recover sales tax over-payments on their electric, natural gas and other utility bills.

Founded in 2005, USTC has become a leader in the tax services industry by recovering millions of dollars for clients that range in size from small firms to Fortune 500 companies. USTC operates nationwide and provides sales tax consultancy to companies within a wide range of industries including:


  • Agriculture

  • Aircraft Maintenance

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Commercial Printing

  • Hotels

  • Laundry Service

  • Manufacturing

  • Mining & Drilling

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Nursing Homes

  • Photo Finishing

  • Recycling

  • Research & Development

  • Restaurants & Food Service

  • Rolling Stock Maintenance

  • Ski Resorts



Why Choose USTC?


Industry Leader

Few companies today can boast of the level of experience and knowledge that USTC has gained in the area of utility sales tax. Having partnered with hundreds of companies from a variety of industries, we have proven ourselves as a leader in the tax consulting industry. USTC provides service in every state where utility tax exists.


Unsurpassed Accuracy

Accurate documentation is the key to minimizing risk exposure. USTC distinguishes itself from other firms by using only licensed engineers to compile and validate our usage studies. By going the extra mile, USTC ensures the highest level of accuracy and the lowest level of risk exposure for its clients.


Consistent Expertise

Unlike big tax consulting firms, when you work with USTC you receive personalized service right from top management. Clients are not handed off to junior executives, or new employees. You can feel confident that your issues will always be handled by industry experts.

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